Signing the Song
SIGNing the Song

Written and Performed by William Martinez

Through American Sign Language paired with singing, SIGNING THE SONG shares the true story of a boy who grew up in a deaf household with little exposure to TV, radio, or movies. Because of his incredible 8th grade music teacher and the love and support of his parents, he came out of his silent world and discovered his voice through music. Watch how ASL (American Sign Language) and song lyrics meld together into a beautiful unique art form. This immersive one-man show celebrates the extraordinary impact educators and parents have on each child's life regardless of their struggles.

tickets Thursday November 1st 8pm, Saturday November 3rd 3pm and 8pm, Sunday November 4th 3pm

Chico's Angels
Chico's Angels

Chico's Angels is a live comedy production which parodies the 1976 - 1981 television series Charlie's Angels. Starring three drag queens in the title roles -  Kay Sedia, Chita Parol, and Frieda Laye*. Chico's Angels* is a comedy cult hit, with TMZ noting that "The shows have become a cult favorite and received rave reviews." Amy Nicholson of LA Weekly called the show a "riotous comedy."

This special enhanced "episode" - Waikiki Chicas is one hurricane of a case! After Hula dancers have gone missing from Waikiki's hottest night club The Hula Ho. Kay Sedia, Frieda Laye and Chita Parol go undercover in grass skirts, coconut bikinis and cha-cha pumps to solve the case of the missing Hula Hos.

tickets Thursday November 15th 8pm, Friday November 16th 8pm, Saturday November 17th 8pm, Sunday November 18th 3pm