Travels With My Aunt
Graham Greene
Adapted for the stage by Giles Havergal

Travels With My Aunt
Larry Cedar, Mark Capri,Thomas James O'Leary, Sybyl Walker

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David Dean Bottrell
Michael C. Smith
Sherry Linnell
Jarel A. Sayeg
Cricket S. Myers
Rebecca Cohn
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Watson Bradshaw, Justin Kief, Christopher Rivera,
Vanessa Velez Boswell
Kathryn Horan
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Doirean Heldt
Michael Lamont


Henry, Young Visconti
Aunt Augusta, Sparrow
Vicar, Wordsworth, The Dog, Hakim's Assistant
Miss Patterson, O'toole, Yolanda
Miss Keane, Sparrow's Assistant, Hatty, Tooley,
Italian Girl, Frau General, Hakim, Spanish Gentleman,
Older Visconti

Thomas James O'Leary
Mark Capri
Larry Cedar

Sybyl Walker


1969 (and, briefly, 1945)


London, Brighton, Paris, Rome, Istanbul, Boulogne,
Buenos Aires, and various locales in Paraguay

Running Time

Approximately 2 hours, 15 minutes
There will be one fifteen minute intermission

Director's Note

When Barbara Beckley called and asked if I would be interested in directing a stage adaptation of Graham Greene’s comic novel, Travels With My Aunt, I wasn’t certain I wanted the job. I was already up to my neck with my own writing and performing projects and was uncertain I could make the time.

Travels With My Aunt author Graham Greene, right, with director Carol Reed on the set of the movie "The Third Man" which Green wrote and Reed directed
I had other concerns as well. Most of Greene’s novels were spy thrillers packed with political intrigue and cold war suspense. They usually had large casts and wildly intricate plots. I knew he was a very cinematic writer. His original screenplay for Carol Reed’s 1949 film noir classic, The Third Man, is nothing short of a masterpiece. According to the Internet Movie Database, 66 film and television projects based on his novels were produced between the years 1934 and 2010, but I’d never heard of a "stage" adaptation of any of his stories. As far as I knew, Travels With My Aunt had only been adapted once - into a mediocre movie in 1972 directed by George Cukor and starring Alec McCowen as "Henry" and a far too young Maggie Smith (in terrible old age make up) as "Aunt Augusta."

Then Barbara sent me Giles Havergal’s 1989 stage version of Travels and my interest was piqued. Havergal’s inspired adaptation had stripped the story down to its most basic elements, relying on the talents of only four actors to bring the story’s large and colorful cast of characters to hilarious life, and wisely utilizing the single most transcendent element that live theatre has to offer: human imagination. Soon I was utterly charmed by poor innocent Henry; so alone in the world with little more than his dahlias for company. And who could say no to Aunt Augusta, the eccentric "black sheep" of the Bertram family who is only happy when she is in motion, traveling to her next adventure, fearlessly in search of every experience life has to offer her?

So began my journey with this remarkable show. And let’s face it - no trip is much fun without good traveling companions. Luckily, I have been blessed with the best: A remarkably gifted cast, an inspired design team, plus the tireless support offered by the Colony Theatre’s leadership and staff. My advice? Buckle your seat belts before Act One begins and hang on tight as Henry and Augusta take you on the ride of your life.

Bon Voyage!

~ David Dean Bottrell



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