The All Night Strut

Conceived and Originally Directed
and Choreographed by
Fran Charnas

The All Night Strut

Director & Choreographer
Musical Direction
Musical Arrangements
Additional Orechestrations
Scenic Design
Costume Design
Lighting Design
Sound Design
Properties Design & Set Dressing
Production Stage Manager
Public Relations
Technical Director
Set Construction
Scenic Artist
Wig Design
Production Crew
Sound Engineer
Light Board Operator
Spot Operators
Stage Crew
Key Art
Production Photography

Murphy Cross & Paul Kreppel
Dean Mora
Tom Fitt, Gil Lieb, and Dick Schermesser
Corey Allen
Stephen Gifford
Sharon McGunigle
Luke Moyer
Rebecca Kessin
Leesa Freed
David Elzer/Demand PR
Robert T. Kyle
Red Colgrove
Stephen Gifford
Joni Rudesill
A.C. Bradshaw, Christopher Rivera, Moe Zarif
Heather Sorenson
Kathryn Horan
Christopher Rivera, Heather L. Waters
Andrea Dean, Brie Quinn Renta
Ricky Vodka
Michael Lamont



Dean Mora
Jim Garafalo
Ray Frisby


Michael Dotson     Jayme Lake
Scotch Ellis Loring    Jennifer Shelton

Director's Notes

There is an old Italian maxim:"Canta che ti passa" -- "Sing and it shall pass." Music has always been a way to lighten reality, soothe our feelings and change our mood. The music used in THE ALL NIGHT STRUT! is emblematic of a major cultural shift and electrifying time in American history and music. America was in the Great Depression just after her 1920€™s Jazz Age good times. The clubs of Harlem nurtured a rough-edged, energized music and dance called Swing which soon reached craze status not unlike Rock and Roll twenty years later. Swing provided just the right release to help us through the Depression and World War II. The beautiful melodic ballads of the era added a deeper emotional release from the pain of separation and loss. After World War II, America celebrated her joy and relief with more music and dance.

Cotton Club
The Cotton Club in Harlam, featuring a performance by Cab Callaway, circa 1930
THE ALL NIGHT STRUT! is a perfect reflection of the passions, despair, heartache and exhilaration associated with the early 20th century.

These songs lifted America through hard times and landed her on her feet with style and grace.

Music of all kinds has always been at the heart of art. It inspires us; it unites us. The rhythms and melodies, harmonies and styles touch our senses personally in a way that nothing else can duplicate. It is musical vibrations that underscore our lives: the song that sends you into a swirling reminiscence of a first kiss €“ the ballad that can still bring you to sweet tears thinking of that certain face €“ the melodies that peel away the years and make you feel young €“ music can do this. It celebrates humanity in all its aspects. As Louis Armstrong once said, "What we play is Life."

We hope you feel your spirits lifted and your hearts singing while you sit back, relax, and let yourself float back in time and space to the music and dance of THE ALL NIGHT STRUT!

-Murphy Cross & Paul Kreppel



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Running Time: 2 Hours


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