Sherlock's Last Case

Charles Marowitz

Sherlock's Last Case
Louis Lotorto, Time Winters

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The play begins in September 1897 and concludes fourteen     months later in November 1898 on Guy Fawkes' Day


Victorian London 

Sherlock and the Good Doctor

In December of 1893, Arthur Conan Doyle murdered Sherlock Holmes--- deliberately, premeditatedly, and in cold blood. That was the month that The Strand magazine published the Holmes-Watson adventure entitled The Final Problem, the story that had Holmes and his nemesis the evil genius Professor Moriarity plunging together in a death struggle over Switzerland's Reichenbach Falls. In a diary entry just after he completed the tale, he wrote, with brutal simplicity: "Killed Holmes." The world reacted with horror and shock. Thousands wore black armbands or veils, and Conan Doyle received letters of protest and sorrow from around the world begging him to return Holmes to life. He resisted for close to a decade, until The Hound of the Baskervilles was serialized beginning in 1901. This story did not bring Holmes back from his Alpine tomb---it was merely a flashback to a time earlier in his career. Then in 1903, Dr. Watson told jubilant readers that Sherlock Holmes was back among the living in The Adventure of the Empty House. It seems the great detective had escaped the fall and had hidden out for several years, but he was back, as penetratingly perceptive and devastatingly logical as ever.

The Sherlock Holmes adventures are likely the most imitated in all of literature, and they are still being studied, annotated and discussed across the globe. They have spawned countless pastiches and parodies, and it is certain that the list would number well over 4,000. Most of the Conan Doyle stories are narrated by his loyal companion and faithful biographer John Watson, a man described as "a middle-sized, strongly built man---square jaw, thick neck, a moustache." He has suffered mightily at the hands of some scholars, corpulent character actors, and the public since he made his appearance in 1887 in A Study in Scarlet. In the collected stories he was both storyteller, brave aide-de-camp, and buffer between the cold, blinding light of Holmes's intellect and the reader. The stories without Watson, or in which he plays a minor role, are generally thought to be more arid and lacking in humanity when Holmes's shameless narcissism goes unchecked.

Literature never produced a relationship more symbiotic, nor a warmer and more timeless friendship. The Sherlock Holmes-Dr. Watson partnership has become perhaps the most recognizably iconic in all of fiction. It is our collective knowledge and preconceptions of this relationship that is the springboard for Sherlock's Last Case.

-David Rose


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