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"Ring Round Moon" At Colony Studio 
Review by Ray Loynd, The Los Angeles Times, July 31, 1987

French playwright Jean Anouilh’s sardonic drawing-room comedy "Ring Round the Moon" has to gleam, like dark lace. At the same time, a good production must cast moonbeams, because the play deals with heartfelt innocence as well as the heartless rich.

All these measures come together with the pitch of a tuning fork in a delectable production under the direction of Michael Keenan at the Colony Studio Theatre.

Parker Stevenson plays twin brothers — one diffident and gentle, the other cynical and brash — with engaging assurance and infectious aplomb. Sheri Galan is the ingenue and she’s absolutely lambent.

Pinpoint casting extends to a deceptively minor character wonderfully enlivened by Judith Heinz as a repressed caretaker to a resident fairy godmother dowager (Amzie Strickland).

The 11-member cast, including a hilarious sycophantic turn by Hugh Maguire and a carnivorous performance by Ferrell Marshall, is uniformly flavorful. Especially fun is the sense that some of the scenes sound like Noel Coward and others like Joe Orton. It’s that crisp.

This buoyancy allows the production to sail right through the play’s inherent peril: the metronome effect of watching alternating characters plot silly games that only the idle have time for. The show has to be effortless, and this one is a balloon.

The expansive set designed by Jim Yarmer is lush and serene, an image of parlor and marble and unseen gardens. And seldom does Equity Waiver create women’s costumes of such delicious scheme and color, the classy work of dress designer Jeanne Harriott. Part of the play’s fancy, in fact, deals with a diaphanous gown that the cynical brother gives to a "mere" ballet dancer (the ingenue Galan) in order to lure his heart-smitten twin away from a vulturous woman.

(In 1975, Michael York and Glynis Johns were partnered in a strong Ahmanson production of "Ring Round the Moon." The current edition is in that league.)

Copyright 1987 Los Angeles Times 
Reprinted with Permission
Ring Round the Moon at the Colony Theatre