I'll Be Back Before Midnight
Peter Colley

I'll Be Back Before Midnight

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Tyler Pierce
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A Farmhouse in the country


The Recent Past

Running Time

Approximately two hours
There will be one fifteen-minute intermission


I’LL BE BACK BEFORE MIDNIGHT had its genesis in a rather malignant old house in Canada. I was working on another play with a director who lived in this ramshackle Victorian farmhouse in the depths of rural Ontario. We worked together over a particularly brutal winter which required me to leave my warm centrally-heated apartment in the city to drive to a house that was heated by nothing more than a single pot-bellied woodstove.

Numerous times we worked late into the night, so the director suggested that I forego my long drive back to the city and sleep in one of the spare bedrooms. I tried it once, and that was enough. There was something very mysterious about that house and the nighttime hours were full of strange sounds that only I seemed to hear, and fleeting shadows just seen out of the corner of one’s eye. I don't believe in ghosts, at least during the daytime, but as soon as the sun goes down, my resolve crumbles, and whatever had happened between those walls in the previous century was doing some gruesome work on my nerves. I felt an icy presence in that house – as if, in the century that had passed since it was built - the house had witnessed more than its allotted share of misery and death. Perhaps even violent death?

I never stayed overnight there again. I preferred to brave a blinding snowstorm to drive back to the comforting lights of the city than stay in that ghoul-infested house. The director jokingly suggested I should write a play about the house. I did, and the shadows and footsteps of that old house have been happily terrifying audiences around the world, just as they once terrified me.

-- Peter Colley


You may remember that last fall we announced we were facing serious financial challenges, and that we had to raise $47,000 in two weeks in order to open our next production, "The Morini Strad."

This announcement generated such an extraordinary outpouring of support that we reached our goal in ten days, and the show opened on schedule.  And it was a hit!  Rave reviews and enthusiastic word-of-mouth sparked ticket sales well beyond our expectations, and we were able to extend it.  That income and the donations that continued to come in have kept us alive.

But we still have a long way to go.

We traditionally send out subscription renewal notices in January.  But not this year.  We want to be completely transparent about our financial situation with our subscribers, who have been incredibly loyal, routinely renewing at an astonishing rate of 90%.  We will announce our new season and mail renewal notices when our future is secure, but until then we’re taking it one show at a time.

We made it to "I’ll Be Back Before Midnight," and our immediate goal is to make it to the end of the season, with one more show to go.

And what a show it will be! 

Lorenz Hart was a tormented genius who, with his partner Richard Rodgers, wrote some of the greatest and most memorable popular songs of the twentieth century – "My Funny Valentine," "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered," "Manhattan," countless other classics – and lived a fascinating life of dizzying heights and crushing lows.  We have received special permission from the Rodgers and Hammerstein Organization to tell his true story for the first time ever, and they have given us access to the entire Rodgers & Hart canon to create this World Premiere musical entitled "Falling for Make Believe," with book by Mark Saltzman.

I want to see this show come to life on our stage!  I hope you do, too.

Can you help make it happen?  Call me!

Barbara Beckley
Artistic Director


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