BONUS MATERIALS: Grand Hotel, The Musical

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Arts & Culture in 1920s Berlin
Explains how the cultural climate was related to the political issues of the day in Berlin.

Berlin in the 1920s
An excellent and extensive web site from Simmons College which includes art & architecture, film, literature & journalism, music & theatre, and politics & history related to 1920s Berlin. Also includes an excellent list of additional resources.

Biography of the author
Presents a brief biography of Vicki Baum, the original author of the novel, "Grand Hotel," and a chronology of the important events in her life.

Biography of music/lyrics creator George Forrest
Presents a brief biography of Forrest and includes many of his other works.

Biography of music/lyrics creator Robert Wright
Presents a brief biography of Wright along with his other works.

Biography of the playwright
Tells of the life of Luther Davis and explains how he decided to transfer Vicki Baum's novel to a musical.

History of the Weimar Republic, 1924-1928

Describes the "Golden Age" of the Weimar Republic, the political and social events that were going on in Berlin when "Grand Hotel" takes place.

"Knowledge & Propaganda"
Text of a speech given by Joseph Goebbels on January 9, 1928 to an audience of Nazi party members as part of their "training."  Provides a flavor of political issues/thinking in Germany at the time.

Contains timeline and descriptions of important events in the world during the year of 1928.

Prepared by Colony Librarian, Sandy Schuckett

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