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Season Info

The Mousetrap
By Agatha Christie

Tim O'Hare, An Dragover

Artistic Advisor
Lighting Adaptation
Sound Design
Sound Operators

Lighting Operators

Production Coordinator
Set Construction
Program/Flyer Design
Stage Manager
House Manager

D.C. Anderson
Linden Waddell
Todd Nielsen
Russ Boris
Paul Anthony Navarro
Alan Dwan
Ceptembre Anthony
Shandon Youngclas
Shawn Whitaker
Laura Dwan
Rick Pedersen
Chad Leeper
Linden Waddell
Kurt Boesen
Linden Waddell
Cast (In Order of Appearance)...or Disappearance...?:
Radio Announcer
Mollie Ralston
Giles Ralston
Christopher Wren
Mrs. Boyle
Major Metcalf
Detective Sergeant Trotter
Tom Hall
Laura Widener
Lee Grober
Nick DeGruccio
Ivy Bethune
Don Woodruff
Robert Munns
Tim O'Hare
Time: Late 1940ís
Place: The Monkswell Manor, England


Scene One: The Great Hall at Monkswell Manor. Late afternoon.
Scene Two: The same.  The following afternoon.


Scene One: The same.  Ten minutes later.

Directorís Notes

Hmmm. The Mousetrap. Itís about a murder. Itís a mystery.  It has run forever in London.  Itís fun.  I hope you enjoy it.  Donít try this at home. Happy Holidays, D.C. Anderson


Barbara Beckley, Amanda Diamond, Catherine Springer, Don Woodruff, Paul Tzanetopoulos, Naila Sanders, Daniel Lam, Christopher Weir, Holly Fishbein, Patricia Cullen, Henry Candelaria, Eugenie Cole, Alan Dwan, Robert Budaska, Lisa Beezley, Frank Bellia, Debra J. Rogers, Paramount Studios, Jan OíConnor and the cast and crew of "You Canít Take It With You"