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Season Info

The Laramie Project
by Moisés Kaufman
and the Members of Tectonic Theatre Project

Nancy Learmonth, Alison Shanks, Tony Maggio,
Ed F. Martin, Faith Salie, Chip Heller, Jodi Carlisle, Chad Borden

Scenic Design
Costume Design
Lighting Design
Properties Design
Sound & Video Design
Marketing/Public Relations
Production Stage Manager
Assistant to the Director
Light Operator
Sound Operator
House Manager
Set Construction
Effects Construction
Master Electrician
Light Rigging

Musical/Vocal Consultant

Nick DeGruccio
Barbara Beckley
Bradley Kaye
A. Jeffrey Schoenberg
Steven Young
Drew Dalzell
David Elzer/Demand PR
Conwell Sellars Worthington III
peajay andrews
peajay andrews
Dale Cooke
Kathleen Osmon
Sets To Go
Station Designs West
Barbara A. Grill
Michael Buritek
Katherine A. Gaines
J. Gabriel Holguin
Patrice A. Mudd
Donna Simoneau
Gary Twemlow
Cindy Warden
Michael LaMont
Original Music composed and performed by
Michael Fratantuno & Kevin Earley

Tectonic Theatre Project

Head Writer
Leigh Fondakowski
Associate Writers
Stephen Belber  Greg Pierotti  Stephen Wangh
Amanda Gronich, Sara Lambert, John McAdams,
Maude Mitchell, Andy Paris, Greg Pierotti, Kelli Simkins

(in alphabetical order, playing the roles listed beneath their names)

Chad Borden

Andy Paris, Jedadiah Schultz, Doug Laws, Matt Mickelson, Dr. Cantway, Newsperson, Governor Geringer, Philip Dubois (Act 2), E-mail Writer, Shannon, Kerry Drake, Russell Henderson, Aaron McKinney, Narrator

Jodi Carlisle

Amanda Gronich, Eileen Engen (Act 1), Marge Murray, Trish Steiger, Baptist  Minister, Shadow, Newsperson, Sherry Johnson, Narrator

Chip Heller

Moisés Kaufman, Philip Dubois (Act 1), Jon Peacock, Stephen Mead Johnson, Gil Engen, Murdock Cooper, Harry Woods, Judge, Cal Rerucha, Dennis  Shepard, Narrator

Nancy Learmonth

Tectonic Company Member, Rebecca Hilliker, Waitress, Minister’s Wife, Kristin Price, Reggie Fluty, Judge, Newsperson, Juror, Bailiff, Narrator

Tony Maggio

Stephen Belber, Doc O’Connor, Matt Galloway, Anonymous Friend of Aaron McKinney, Jeffrey Lockwood, Bill McKinney, Conrad Miller, Andrew Gomez, Rev. Fred Phelps, Juror, Russell Henderson’s Mormon Home Teacher, Foreperson, Narrator

Ed F. Martin

Greg Pierotti, Sgt. Hing, Jonas Slonaker, Father Roger Schmit, Phil Labrie, Rulon Stacey, Rob Debree, Juror, Narrator

Faith Coley Salie

Leigh Fondakowski, Zackie Salmon, Alison Mears, Romaine Patterson, Aaron Kreifels, Newsperson, Tiffany Edwards, Jen, Juror, Narrator

Alison Shanks

Barbara Pitts, April Silva, Reporter, Catherine Connolly, Zubaida Ula, Sherry Aanenson, Eileen Enger (Act 2), Juror, Lucy Thompson, Bailiff, Narrator

Understudies never substitute for listed players 
unless a specific announcement is made at the time of the performance

For Chad Borden - Robert J. Milz; for Nancy Learmonth - Kelly Ann Ford; for Tony Maggio - Isaac Cohen; for Faith Coley Salie - Erisa Byrd; for Alison Shanks - Jennifer Teter


Laramie, Wyoming, USA

by Moisés Kaufman
The Laramie Project was written through a unique collaboration by Tectonic Theatre Project.  During the year-and-a-half development of the play, members of the company and I traveled to Laramie six times to conduct interviews with the people of the town. We transcribed and edited the interviews, then conducted several workshops in which the members of the company presented material and acted as dramaturgs in the creation of the play.

As the volume of material grew with each additional trip to Laramie, a small writers’ group from within the company began to work closely with me to further organize and edit the material, conduct additional research in Laramie, and collaborate on writing of the play. This group was led by Leigh Fondakowski as Head Writer, with Stephen Belber and Greg Pierotti as Associate Writers.

As we got closer to the play’s first production in Denver, the actors, including Stephen Belber and Greg Pierotti, turned their focus to performance, while Leigh Fondakowski continued to work with me on drafts of the play, as did Stephen Wangh, who by then had joined us as an Associate Writer and “bench coach.”

Matthew Shepard  & The Matthew Shepard Foundation

Matthew Wayne Shepard was a 21 year old University of Wyoming student who was brutally beaten, tied to a buck fence and left to die, with the constant Wyoming wind as his only companion.  He was beaten and robbed because of his sexual orientation.

The Matthew Shepard Foundation was created by Matthew’s parents, Dennis and Judy  Shepard, to honor their son in a manner that was appropriate to his dreams, beliefs and aspirations.  Initial funds came from the many donations sent by people from all over the world in Matthew’s memory and to assist with his medical expenses. However, his family felt that it was more important for those donations to be used for the greater good of Matt's community.

The goal of the Matthew Shepard Foundation is to educate and replace hate with understanding, acceptance, and compassion by supporting diversity programs in education and helping youth organizations establish environments where young people can feel safe and be themselves.

If you would like to contribute to The Matthew Shepard Foundation, the cast of The Laramie Project will be in the lobby with collection baskets following each performance.  Thank you.

For more information, visit

This production was made possible by the kindness and generosity of:

Frans Klinkenberg, Angstrom Stage Lighting, Bardwell's on the Boulevard, Berry Camera Repair Service, Center Trust, Priscilla Davis, Michael Hall, Bruce Hammerstrom, Wells Fargo, Doug Haverty, Art + Soul Designs, Phil Moore, Occidental College Dept. of Theatre, Salvador Palacios, California Lighting & Power, Mi Piace, Sears, Media Center, John Schumacher, George Sebastian, Jack Vandermark, Wadler Data Systems, Kelly Witherall