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Season Info

The Country Girl
By Clifford Odets

Kurt Boesen, John Holt, Robert Budaska, Kelly Foran

Assistant Director
Sound Designer
Costume Designer
Props & Light Programmer
Lighting Operators

Sound Operator
House Managers

Program & Flyer
Program Art
Artistic Advisor
Stage Managers

Tim O'Hare
Queen Kahirah Medjed
Lisa Gilbar
Brian Howe
Laura Dwan
David Ruprecht
J. Michael Wright
Jason Cole
Ashley Hendra
Wilson Bell
Cindy Benson
Queen Medjed
Linden Waddell
Bill Borenstein
Bob Lapin
Michael David Wadler
Alexander Scollon
Amy Morrell
The Country Girl is a Colony Second Stage Presentation
produced on the set originally designed for June Moon, running concurrently. 
The set was designed by Gary Wissmann.

Original lighting was designed by Lisa D. Katz
Cast (in order of appearance):
Bernie Dodd
Phil Cook
Paul Unger
Nancy Stoddard
Frank Elgin
Georgie Elgin
Gil Bernardy
John Holt
Kurt A. Boesen
Kelly Foran
Shannon Nelson
Robert Budaska
Melissa Hanson

Time:  Autumn, 1950

Act I
Scene 1
Scene 2
Scene 3
Scene 4
Scene 5
The Stage of a New York theatre
A furnished room later the same day
The stage, ten days later
The furnished room, a week later
A dressing room in a Boston Theatre, 
after midnight, a week later
Act II
Scene 1
Scene 2
Scene 3
The Boston dressing room, after a few nights 
The same, the next day
A dressing room in a New York theatre, 
evening, some weeks later


Shon Le Blanc, Lisa Beezley, D. Ewing Woodruff, Amanda Diamond, Catherine Springer and Barbara Beckley

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