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Season Info

Poor Murderer
By Pavel Kohout

Robert O'Reilly, Robert Ackerman, Sharon Spelvin, David Nichols, Barbara Beckley,
Alma Carey, Dee Croxton, Albert Lord, Amy Pfeffer, John Larroquette, and Stuart Lancaster 


Terrence Shank
Gene Mazzanti
Terrence Shank
Victoria de Kay

CAST (in order of appearance):

Anton Igatyevich Kerzhentev
also Hamlet
Professor Drembitsky
First Actor
also Alexey Konstantinovich Savelyov,
Prosecuting Attorney, Polonius, and Hamlet II
First Actress
also Tatiana Nikolayevna and Gertrude II
Second Actor
also Ignat Kerzhentzev, Count
Byelitsky, Kurganov, Polonius II, etc.
Second Actress
also Mistress, Duchess de Cliche Turomel,
Gertrude I, Prologue, and others
Third Actor
also Cashier, Waiter, Gypsy, Bernardo, and others
Third Actress
also Irina Pavlovna Kurganova, Countess
Byelitskaya, Marya Vassilyevna, etc.
Fourth Actor
also Dean, Conductor, Claudius, etc.
Fourth Actress
also Katya, Flower Vendor, etc.
Fifth Actress
also Mistress, Gypsy Roma, etc.


John Larroquette
Stuart Lancaster

Robert Ackerman

Barbara Beckley

Albert Lord

Dee Croxton

David Nichols

Sharon Berryhill

Robert O’Reilly

Amy Feffer

Alma Carey
Michael Catlin
Donald Petrie
Arnie Shamblin
Thomas Van Buren
Erika Croxton
Todd Nielsen
David Nichols
Terrence Shank


The scene is St. Petersburg, Russia in the year 1900. A young Russian actor has gone mad in the part of Hamlet, murdering the actor playing Polonius, and has been confined to the St. Elizabeth Institute for Nervous Disorders. In an effort to determine whether the actor killed because he was insane or is feigning insanity because he was killed, his doctor grants him permission to act out a personal psychodrama to explain the events leading up to the murder.