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On the Verge
Or, The Geography of Yearning
By Eric Overmyer

Sheri Galan, Barbara Beckley, and Lindy Nisbet

Sound Designer
Costume Designer
Video Designer
Scenic Designers

Lighting Designer
Assistant Director
Production Manager

Michael Wadler
Barbara Beckley
Vince Acosta
Hilary Sloane
Michael Wadler
Kenton Jones
Michael Wadler
Bob Heller
Sandy Schuckett
Susan Savage


Alphonse, Grover, The Yeti, 
The Gorge Troll, Mr. Coffee,
Madame Nhu, Gus, Nicky Paradise
Barbara Beckley
Lindy Nisbet
Sheri Galan

Jonathan Palmer

The play begins in 1888 in Terra Incognita.

"Perhaps the imagination is on the verge of recovering its rights."

ó Andre Breton (paraphrased by E.O.)

Authorís Note

On the Verge is not a docu-drama. I first encountered the historical Victorian lady travelers in Evan S. Connellís A Long Desire, Luree Millerís On Top of the World, Alexandra Allenís Traveling Ladies, and Dorothy Middletonís Victorian Lady Travelers, beautiful books all, and there is currently a plethora of books about and by the lady travelers. The characters of the play are not modeled upon particular individuals, even though I have raided the historical record for detail, flavoring, and anecdote. The spirit is the playís true concern: the quality of yearning, courage, and imagination.


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