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Season Info

The Odd Couple
(Female Version)
By Neil Simon

Robert Factor, David Carey Foster and Kathryn Kates

Assistant Director
Associate Producer
Lighting Operator
Sound Operator/Prop Master
Graphic Artist
Graphic Layout
Box Foffice
House Manager
Bonus Coordinator
Artistic Advisor

Veronica Brady
Richard Pedersen
Chris Papaleo
Sandy Nang
Tom Hall
Paul Linnamen
Chris Thomas
Seph Kinder
Linden Waddell
Whitney Rydbeck
Chris Thomas
Melissa Detwiler
Lisa Beezley
David Rose
The Odd Couple (female version) is a Colony Second Stage Production
produced on the set of Putting it Together
originally designed by Susan Gratch,
with lighting by D. Silvio Volonte.

Cast (In Order of Appearance):
Olive Madison
Florence Unger
Manolo Costazuela
Jesus Costazuela
Charmaine Blakely Budaska
Judith A. Goldstein
Sandra Kinder
Lana Donovan
Kathryn Kates
June Daniel White
David Carey Foster
Robert Factor

Time:  Summer, 1985
Place:  Upper East Side, New York

Act I

A hot summerís night.

Act II
Scene 1
Scene 2
Scene 3
Two weeks later, about 11 p.m.
A few days later, about 8 p.m.
The next evening, about 7:30 p.m.


Paul Ambrose, Kurt Boesen, Mike Camp, Francesca Casale, Holly Fishbein, Robert Fitzgerald, Susan Gratch, Bill Juarez, Denise LuJan, Elliot Pershes, Toni Sawyer, Amanda Diamond, Catherine Springer
and Barbara Beckley.

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