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Season Info

The Last Chance Cafe
By Tom & Susan Taylor Chehak

Beans Morocco, Kathryn Fuller, and Nick DeGruccio

Assistant Director
Set Design
Lighting Design
Set Decorator
Graphic Artist
Technical Directors
Stage Manager
Furniture and Props

Todd Neilsen
Bobbi Cutler
Todd Nielsen
Matthew O. O’Donnell
John Thomas Clark
Debbie Little
Robert Budaska and Daniel Lench
Dave Griffin
Hollywood Central Props of Glendale

CAST (in order of appearance):

Edna Cotten
Becky Johnson
Deke Cotten
Fred Johnson
Jimmy Clark
Andy Winkle
David Hargrove
Franny Whitman
Cpt. A.E. Walker
Kathryn Fuller
Linda Stone
Dan Barrows
Richard Lineback
Nicholas James
John Thomas Clark
Arnie Shamblin
Ferrell Marshall
Eugene Alper
Gregory Way

Place: The Last Chance Cafe, halfway between Butte and Bozeman, Montana.
Time: The present.


A winter evening


The next morning

Song "The Last Chance Cafe" by Morgan Stoddard