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Season Info

Hobson's Choice
By Harold Brighouse

Keith Mills, Sandra Kinder, and Suzanne Celeste 

Scenic Designer
Lighting Designer
Sound Designer
Costume Desinger
Production Coordinator
Assistant Directors

Graphic Artist

Andy Griggs
Barbara Beckley
John Thomas Clark
Dorisa Boggs
Zeppo Goldenberg
Laura Deremer
Robert Budaska
Sheri Galan
Ann Mills
Paul Wolfe
CAST (in order of appearance)
Alice Hobson
Maggie Hobson
Vickey Hobson
Albert Prosser
Henry Horatio
Mrs. Hepworth
Tubby Wadlow
Will Mossop
Jim Heeler
Ada Figgins
Freddie Beenstock
Dr. McFarlane
Nanci Feldman
Suzanne Celeste
Theresa Bailey
Pablo Coates
Keith Mills
Sandra Kinder
Don Woodruff
Dan Lench
Ben Tyler
Stephanie Lani Truitt
Allen Fox
Jon Palmer
Hobsonís Choice: The choice of taking either that which is offered or nothing; the absence of real choice or alternative. (After Thomas Hobson (1544-1631), of Cambridge, England who rented horses and gave his customers only one choice, that of the horse nearest to the stable door.)
- Random House Dictionary

 Hobsonís Boot Shop, Salford, Lancashire England. Fall, 1875.

 The same: one month later.

 Will and Maggieís home and shop. Later that night.

 Hobsonís Parlour. One year later.