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Season Info

Fool For Love 
by Sam Shepard

Melissa Hanson, Gil Johnson

Assitant Director
Artististic Advisor
Sound Design
Lighting Adaptation
Set Construction
Flyer Program/ Design
Program Photograph
Stage Manager
Sound Operator
Light Operators
House Managers

Bonita Friedericy
Judith Goldstein
Davis Rose
Russell Boris
Russell Boris
Chad Leeper
Melissa Hanson & Chad Leeper
Todd Ninman
Russell Boris
Buddy El-Uri
Sandra Kinder & Nina Minton
Bill Hunt
John Mies
Bob Ryan
The Old Man
Understudy (Martin, The Old Man)
Gil Johnson
Melissa Hanson
Robert O'Reilly
Chad Leeper
Thomas B. Hall
Fool For Love is a Colony Second Stage Production
performed on the set of Working, running concurrently.

A low rent motel room on the edge of the Mojave Desert.

Special Thanks:

Barbara Beckley, Michael Wadler, Amanda Diamon, Catherine Springer, Alicia Milikan and Singular Productions, Rob Dutcher and Catavina's Cafe in Psadena, Gil's Uncle Bobby Higgins and Larry Hargrove, Susan Goldstein, Laura Widener, David Rose, Russ Boris for his ingenious inventions, Buddly El-Uri, Judy Goldstein, Todd Nielsen, Tom Hall, Bob Stoeckle, Whitney Rydbeck, Bob Lapin and Chad Leeper.