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Season Info

Eastern Standard
By Richard Greenberg

clockwise: Gil Bernardy, Chad Borden, Laura Wernette, 
Darin Anthony, Stacey Silverman, overseen by Sandra Kinder


Artistic Advisor
Stage Manager
Sound Designer
Lighting Adaptation
Set Adaptation
Costume Coordinator
Lighting Operator
Sound Operator
Running Crew
Props Coordinator
Swing Technicians

House Manager

WPSH Disc Jockey

John Ross Clark
Chad Borden
Amy Morrell
Nick DeGruccio
Becky Johnson
Chris Dwan
Mike Thayer
Seph Kinder
Nick DeGruccio
Brent Beath
Chris Dwan
Karen Voyles
Ryann Gerber
Jaclin Ostoforoff
Steve Saracino
Tom Dugan
Helen Pettiet
Bob Lapin
Steven Fahey

Cast (in order of appearance)

Stephen Wheeler
Drew Paley
Phoebe Kidde
Peter Kidde
May Logan
Darin Anthony
Chad Borden
Stacey Silverman
Kelly Coleman
Gil Bernardi
Sandra Kinder
Understudies: For Stephen-Clayton Whitfield; for Drew-Chris Thomas; for Ellen-Melissa Detwiler; for Peter-Greg Foran; for May-Kathryn Kates.

All players are members of one or more performing unions within the 4As, Associated Actors Artistes of America.

Time: Summer 1990
Act I: A restaurant, uptown New York City.
Act II: Stephen's beach house on the island
Eastern Standard is a Colony Second Stage Production, produced on the set originally designed for Dandelion Wine, running concurrently. The set was designed by John Patrick. Original lighting was designed by D. Silvio Volonte.


Eastern Standard was a critical and popular comedic success at New York’s famed Manhattan Theatre Club. This celebrated play went on to become a Broadway hit as well. Hailed as a uniquely perceptive and devastatingly witty
play for our times, it traces the experiences of a group of young, rich and somewhat jaded New York "Yuppies" as they move from disenchantment to hopeful anticipation of what modern life has to offer. Eastern Standard is directed by John Ross Clark and produced by Chad Borden and Amy Morrell.

The play takes place in 1990 in the bustling metropolis of New York City. In a trendy Manhattan restaurant, Stephen (Darin Anthony), a very successful architect, is having lunch with his best friend, Drew (Chad Borden), a rising avant-garde artist. At an adjacent table sits the unrequited object of Stephen’s affection, Phoebe (Kelly Coleman), who is herself a shrewd and successful stock broker. As they watch Phoebe, her television executive brother Peter (Gil Bernardy) joins her, bringing with him some disturbing news. After several raucous episodes involving a schizophrenic bag lady (played by Sandra Kinder) and a long-suffering actress/waitress (portrayed by Stacey Silverman), the four characters meet and strike up an unlikely friendship. A month later, all six assemble at Stephen’s beach house, determined to get away from the craziness of the city and make some sense out of their relationships and careers. Inevitably, this leads to a series of very funny yet compelling incidents in which various relationships, non-relationships, mistaken motives, and often shaky alliances are cleverly set forth and

"For anyone who has been waiting for a play that tells what it is like to be more or less middle-class, more or less young and more or less well-intentioned in a frightening city at this moment in this time zone, "Eastern Standard" at long last is it." 

—NY Times 

"With a truly original voice, a deft hand with character and a gift for juxtaposing unexpected elements with amusing and dramatically purposeful results, Greenberg’s "Eastern Standard" is a romantic comedy for our times." 


" speaks to us eloquently, and with humor, about today."

—Back Stage

Special Thanks

Jim Vukovich, J.D. Kessler and the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Nick DeGruccio, Ryann Gerber, Amanda Diamond, Catherine Springer, Barbara Beckley, Lisa Beezley, Michael Fracassi, Drew Dalzell, Laura Dwan, David Rose, Denise Dillard, Salvadore Palacios, Helen Pettiet, David Carey Foster, Jaclin Ostoforoff, Frances Bernardy, Michael Wadler, Mark C. Barros, James Dumont, and John Vuvovich. 

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