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The Diary of Anne Frank
By Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett 

Erika Croxton, Russ Marin, Albert Lord, Dee Croxton, 
Barbara Beckley, Ivy Bethune, David Talbert, and Stuart Lancaster


Terrence Shank
Gene Mazzanti
Terrence Shank
Don Woodruff

CAST (in order of appearance):

Mr. Frank
Mrs. Van Daan
Mr. Van Daan
Peter Van Daan
Mrs. Frank
Margot Frank
Anne Frank
Mr. Kraler
Mr. Dussel
Albert Lord
Linda Somers
Ivy Bethune
Stuart Lancaster
David Talbert
Dee Croxton
Barbara Beckley
Erika Croxton
Robert O’Reilly
Russ Marin

The Time: During the years of World War II and immediately thereafter.
The Place: Amsterdam

Dear Mr. Frank,

You do not know me, I have never set eyes on you, and yet I think of you very, very often, I have been thinking about you since I read Anne’s diary for the first time. I was thirteen then, and now I am eighteen. All those years I have been reading Anne’s diary over and over again. I know many parts of it by heart. I don’t want to say much about it, but simply tell you this frankly: I love Anne so very much. Perhaps you are thinking that I never experienced the frightful Hitler period nor suffered its consequences, so that I can scarcely imagine what life must be like when one is hiding in a rear building. You are right — I can never really grasp such sufferings — but what Anne underwent and what she felt I can feel in the depths of my heart. I never wanted my parents to read Anne’s diary, because I was afraid they would understand me too well. Anne — my sister! Each time that I read "my book" through to the end, I would stare uncomprehendingly at the brief notice that appears on the last page . . .

Dear Mr. Frank, I don’t know why I am writing to you. But when I learned your address, I could not keep from writing. I am always troubled about you, wondering how things are with you. Are you alone? And still another question is burning inside me: Can you forgive us Germans?

-- A girl, 18, West Germany

(From A Tribute to Anne Frank, Edited by Anna G. Steenmeijer)

To a member of the cast . . .

Thank you very much for your wonderful letter. I can make out from it the warm feeling you have for Anne and her Diary . . .

I can imagine how valuable it was for you and the two actresses playing my wife and Anne, to get the help of Mrs. Schildkraut, whose husband portrayed me in such a perfect way . . .

According to your wish I am enclosing a photo of myself.

Wishing you and all concerned with the production much successes in their endeavor to convey the message contained in the play to the audience. I am with kindest regards

Sincerely yours,
Otto Frank

Birsfelden, Switzerland
October 4, 1978