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Season Info

By Paul Coates

Assistant Director
Lighting Adaptation
Sound Design
Production Coordinator
Costume Advisor
Costume Coordinator
Program/Flyer Design
Artistic Advisor

Paul Coates
Linden Waddell
Ruth Crawford
Russ Boris
Annie Heller
Rick Pedersen
Ted Giamonna
An Dragavon
Linden Waddell
Todd Nielsen
Cast (In Order of Appearance):
Margo Featherway
Summer Covington
Dr. Wesley Cole
Drew Cole
Desiree Featherway
Faith Featherway (certain performaces)
Faith Featherway (certain performances)
Jack Lawrence
Host, et. al.
Eileen T'Kaye
Jenifer Chatfield
Tom Hall
Chris Van Vleet
Robyn Raab
Linden Waddell
Lisa Beezley
Lee Grober
An Dragavon

Time: The Present

Locale: Beautiful, picturesque Allison Bay, a small port town north of Boston

A beautiful day.

The next day, still beautiful.

The Song
Music and Lyrics by Dennis Deal

A Note From the Author

Desire! is a razor-edged, satirical farce combining the elements of Desire!, a scathing portrait of the way we view the American Human Condition, through a series of intensely woven.... Desire! is .... Aw, hell.  Itís fun, laugh!


Barbara Beckley, Amanda Diamond, Catherine Springer, D. Ewing Woodruff, Paul Tzanetopoulos, Patricia Cullen, Helen Hull, Shandon Youngclaus, New Wave Entertainment, Tom Pscheidt and the cast and crew of "Peccadillo"