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Dandelion Wine
 by Ray Bradbury
Based on his Novel
Music and Lyrics by Jeffrey Rockwell
The Colony's year 2000 revival

Matt Raftery, Barbara Passolt

Musical Director
Scenic Design
Lighting Design
Costume Design
Sound Design
Additional Sound
Associate Producer
Production Manager
Graphic Art
Technical Director
Charge Carpenter
Terrence Shank
Barbara Beckley
Richard Berent
James Vukovich
Brian Frette
John Patrick
D. Silvio Volonte
A. Jeffrey Schoenberg
Michael Fracassi
Ryan Marquart
Michael Hooker
Michael David Wadler
Jaclin Ostoforoff
Bob Lapin
James Terry Welden
Francis Mondana
Mark Svastics
Tonny Berardinneli, Steve Ensor, M. Garrett Hohimer, Gabriel Holguin, Henry Koch, Earl Skinner, Martin Weeks, William Zell, Robert T. Zylowski
Charge Scenic
Scenic Artists


Assistant Lighting Designer
Master Electrician
Light Rigging
Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Light Operator
Sound Operator
Spotlight Operators
House Manager

Craig Shepard
Shirley Lerche
Patti Mondana
Abe Sahagun
Sharon Damerell
Denny Kinglsey Symes
Bonnie Vigil
Michael Thayer
Frederick Alan, Gabriel Holguin, Kevin Spinks
Kathy Arellano
Kurt Boesen
Amy Morrell
Susana Jarvis
Amy Morrell
Dina Franklyn, Becky Johnson, Donna Simoneau
Randi Weidman

CHARACTERS (in order of appearance)

Bill Forrester
Douglas Spaulding
Paper Boy
Tom Spaulding
Colonel Freeleigh
Miss Fern
Miss Roberta
John Huff
Leo Auffman
Lena Auffman
Mr. Sanderson
Mr. Tridden
Jody Miller
David Carey Foster
David Jahn
Matt Raftery
Peggy Billo, Molly Beck
J. Michael Wright
Jim Carney
Isaac F. Katzanek
Lon Huber
Glenn Irey
Robert O'Reilly
Judy Walstrum
Peggy Billo
Philip Watt
D. Ewing Woodruff
Eileen T'Kaye
Whitney Rydbeck
Robert Stephen Ryan
Devon Reeves
Jonathan Byram, Brian Cordoba, Gil Hackel, Isaac F. Katzanek, J. Michael Wright
Ann Barclay
Shoe Buyer
Soda Jerk
Tarot Witch
Barbara Passolt
Tom Dugan
Patricia Cullen
Peggy Billo
J. Michael Wright
Molly Beck


Richard Berent
Rusty Morrison
Leslie Baker
Berg Larsen
John Haimowitz



Greentown, Illinois, Summer, 1928

Scene 1: The Spaulding House

Wake Up World
Douglas & Company

Scene 2: The Woods

A Crazy Friend
John Huff, Douglas

Scene 3: The Spaulding House

The Lonely One
Fern & Roberta

Scene 4: The Ravine and Graveyard

Walking Through the World
Ann & Douglas

Scene 5: Town Square, Sandersonís Shoe Store

Paralitefoot Tennis Shoes Douglas, Mr. Sanderson, John, Tom, Jody, Townboys, Forrester

Scene 6: The Spaulding House

Dandelion Wine
Grandpa, Grandma, Father, Douglas, Tom

Scene 7: Town Square, Ice Cream Parlor

Love Songs
Forrester & Ann

Scene 8: Auffman's Penny Arcade

Hey Nonny
A Happiness Machine
Tarot Witch
Leo, Douglas, Tom, John, Jody, Townboys

Scene 9: The Spaulding House

Trio (Statistics, Revelations, Memories)
Tom, Douglas, Forrester

Act II

Scene 1: The Spaulding House and aboard Tridden's Trolley

Movin' Along Forrester, Grandpa, Tridden, Father, Townspeople, Douglas, John, Grandma, Lena, Sanderson, Junkman

Scene 2: Colonel Freeleigh's House

Drum to Glory Colonel Freeleigh, Douglas, Tom, John, Jody, Townboys, Forrester, Ensemble

Scene 3: The Library

A Simple Word
Douglas, Ann

Scene 4: The Spaulding House and various Greetown locales

Lena's Song
Lena, Leo, Ensemble
Douglas, Forrester

Scene 5: The Ravine and the Spaulding House

Scene 6: Douglas's Bedroom

Fever Dream
Douglas & Company

Scene 7: The Spaulding House

A Special Word
Forrester, Douglas


The Colonyís version of Dandelion Wine was first presented in 1981.  The following essay by Ray Bradbury appeared in the original playbill:


Other people have taught me about myself. Starting some 20 years ago, pieces of music on sheets of score paper or some on records or tape began to arrive in my mail. These were songs, 17 in number, titled Dandelion Wine. Some were sweet, some melancholy, some nondescript, some fine. All were a compliment to my book, published some 24 years ago.

Other folks showed up on my doorstep or in my mailbox with readerís theatre versions of my novel, to be spoken in high schools, colleges, or drama competitions.

I learned from both groups. What? That I was an unintentional dramatist, and that my dramas leaned and fell gently over into musical forms.

I finally decided that everyone was in step with me. I followed my songwriters, and the readersí theatre people onto the stage.

Guided by Burgess Meredith.

He was there somewhere in the parade, introducing me to people, telling me that I should finally go all out and try to make a musical WINE in my literary cellar. Burgess put me in touch with the correct people at Lincoln Center, New York, and Dandelion Wine started its evolution toward what you will see and hear in the next two hours.

Behind Burgess was Charles Laughton who, 25 years back, got me to experiment with dramatic and musical forms.

Dandelion Wine, as it is performed this afternoon and evening, belongs, in part, to them.

 ó Ray Bradbury

This production is dedicated to 
the memory of

Albert Lord
   A Good Friend, a Great Actor, and a Dear Man

"You mustnít be serious dear, itís just what they want."

-- Elyot from Private Lives by Noel Coward

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