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Season Info

City of Angeles
Music by Cy Coleman, Lyrics by David Zippel, Book by Larry Gelbart 

Robert Stoeckle and Barbara Passolt

Directors & Choreographers

Musical Director
Vocal Director
Lighting Designer
Sound Designer
Design Consultant
Costume Designers

Assistant Director
Stage Manager
Associate Set Design

Associate Producer
Assistant Director
Assistant Stage Manager
Musical Consultant
Technical Consultant


Nick DeGruccio
Todd Nielsen
Barbara Beckley
Laurence O'Keefe
David Holladay
Ted Ferreira
John Fisher
Richard D. Bluhm
Shon LeBlanc
A. Jeffrey Schoenberg
Bobbi Cutler
Laura Widener
Doug Staples
Scott Roberts
Robert Canning
Amanda Diamond
Bobbi Cutler
Peter Falco
Geoff Stradling
Chad Leeper
The Cast

Alaura Kingsley/Carla
Mallory Kingsley/Avril Raines
Irwin S. Irving/Buddy Fidler
Luther Kingsley/Werner Krieger
Lt. Munoz/Pancho Vargas
Jimmy Powers
Officer Pasco/Gene
The Angel City 4

Dr. Mandrill/Del DaCosta
Peter Kingsley/Gerald Pierce

Robert Stoeckle
Todd Nielsen
Barbara Passolt
Colleen Fitzpatrick
Jan Pessano
Robyn Raab
Blaise Messinger
Stuart Lancaster
Lego Louis
Dean Avrevalo
R.A. Mihailoff
James Campbell
Brian Fenwick
Gary Hower-Scott
Theresa Layne
Ryan Smith
Chris Thomas
Judith Goldstein
Lon Huber
Ed Lavelle

City of Angels...tells the story of a novelist/screenwriter
whose screenplay is being made into a movie by a Hollywood Producer


The place, Los Angeles; the time, the late 1940's.


Overture:Theme from City of Angels

Scene One: L.A. County Hospital

Scene Two: Stone’s Office, one week earlier
Double Talk Stone, Alaura
Stine’s Office, Master Pictures Studio

Scene Three: Buddy Fidler’s Office/Stine’s Office
Double Talk Buddy, Stine

Scene Four: Stone’s Office

Scene Five: Stine’s Bedroom, the Garden of Allah

Scene Six: Stine’s Bedroom/Stone’s Office
What You Don’t Know About Women, Gabby, Oolie

Scene Seven: Stone’s Bungalow
Ya Gotta Look Out for Yourself, Jimmy Powers & Angel City 4

Scene Eight: Buddy’s Office
The Buddy System, Buddy

Scene Nine: Stone’s Bungalow

Scene Ten: The Blue Note Cocktail Lounge
With Every Breath I Take, Bobbi

Scene Eleven: Bobbi’s Dressing Room

Scene Twelve: Stine’s Office

Scene Thirteen: The Kingsley Mansion

Scene Fourteen: The Solarium
The Tennis Song, Stone, Alaura

Scene Fifteen: The Search
Ev’rybody’s Gotta Be Somewhere, Stone & Angel City 4

Scene Sixteen: Stone’s Bungalow
Lost and Found, Mallory

Scene Seventeen: Donna’s Bedroom

Scene Eighteen: Stone’s Bungalow

Scene Nineteen: L.A. County Morgue

Scene Twenty: Buddy’s Office

Scene Twenty-One: The Morgue
All Ya Have to Do Is Wait, Munoz, Yamato,
 Mahoney, Officer Pasco
You’re Nothing Without Me, Stine, Stone


Scene One: A Recording Studio
Stay With Mem Jimmy Powers & the Angel City 4

Scene Two: A Bel-Air Bedroom

Scene Three: L.A. County Jail

Scene Four: Oolie’s Bedroom
You Can Always Count on Me, Oolie

Scene Five: Donna’s Bedroom
You Can Always Count on Me, Donna

Scene Six: A Bel-Air Garden

Scene Seven: Buddy’s Study

Scene Eight: The Jail

Scene Nine: Buddy’s Study

Scene Ten: The Bel-Air Garden

Scene Eleven: Alaura’s Bedroom

Scene Twelve: Buddy’s Office

Scene Thirteen: Stine’s Apartment, New York
It Needs Work, Gabby

Scene Fourteen: Margie’s Place

Scene Fifteen: The Red Room
With Every Breath I Take (reprise), Stone, Bobbi

Scene Sixteen: A Pay Phone

Scene Seventeen: The Kingsley Solarium

Scene Eighteen: Stine’s Office
Funny, Stine

Scene Nineteen: A Soundstage, Master Pictures Studio
You’re Nothing Without Me (reprise), Stone, Stine, Gabby, 
 the Company