Rupert Holmes

Lisa Pelikan, Barbara Beckley, Larry Cedar,
J. Paul Boehmer, Samantha Raddock

Producing Director
Scenic Design
Lighting Design
Sound Design
Costume Design
Properties Design
Wig/Hair Design
Production Stage Manager
Marketing/Public Relations
House Manager
Lighting Operator
Sound Operator
Back Stage Crew

Technical Director
Master Electrician
Set Construction
Lighting Crew

Special Effects

Casting Coordinator
Production Photography

Simon Levy
Barbara Beckley
Desma Murphy
Kathi O’Donohue
Drew Dalzell
Shon Le Blanc
Robyn Taylor
Joni Rudesill
Leesa Freed
David Elzer/Demand PR
Lee Webb Pitts
James King
Brian Cordoba
Spencer Howard
Eleanor Wood
Robert T. Kyle
Jeremy Bryden
Pro Sets West, Inc.
Jeremy Bryden
James King
Watson Bradshaw
Robert T. Kyle
Robyn Taylor
Jeremy Bryden
Patricia Cullen
Michael Lamont

Cast In Order of Appearance






Scene 1 -- The moorland cottage of Derek and Janet Taylor on

 an English autumn afternoon in the mid-1970s.

Scene 2 -- The same, early the next evening.


Scene 1 -- The same, a week later, in the afternoon.

Scene 2 -- A suite at Claridge’s Hotel, a week later.


Standbys never substitute for listed players unless a specific announcement for the appearance is made at the time of the performance.

For J. Paul Boehmer and Larry Cedar -- BART DEL GATTO

For Lisa Pelikan and Samantha Raddock -- SARA T. PAINTER

The cast of ACCOMPLICE dedicates their performance

 in this production to Crystal Matthews

Director’s Notes

This one's for my mother. Not only because she was a Brit, but because she loved mysteries and thrillers and every form of whodunits. She was a devotee of the genre, devouring everything from Sherlock Holmes to John Le CarrJ. Our apartment was littered with the browning, cracking paperbacks of Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh, Erle Stanley Gardner, Raymond Chandler, Georges Simenon, Ira Levin, Ross MacDonald, Len Deighton, P.D. James, Dick Francis, even the collected works of Edgar Allan Poe. She must have watched every episode of Perry Mason, Ellery Queen, Alfred Hitchcock, and Murder, She Wrote at least five times. Once, as a kid - I think I was 11 or 12 - I asked her, "Mom, why do you love mysteries so much?" She crinkled her eyes, flashed me a very British Cheshire grin, and said, "Finish your Brussels sprouts." After working on this play, with these creative people, at this beautiful theatre, I think I understand what that grin was all about; and I've no doubt she would have loved Rupert Holmes and this play. Oh, by the way, if you feel something brush past you during the show, don't worry, that's just mom looking for a good seat.

- Simon Levy

Special Thanks:

Jon Baker, Gordon Biersch, Derek Bjornsen, A Noise Within, Bardwell's on the Boulevard, Brad Brown, Burbank YMCA, The City of Burbank, The Colony Board of Trustees, Ethan Davison, Terry Evans, Chris Garr, Dan Gates, Gianni Grimaldi, Albert Ihde, Ensemble Theatre, Company of Santa Barbara, Demetrio James,  Emergent Entertainment, Don and Deanna Murphy, Salvador Palacios, Patterson Graphics, Pomodoro, Lee Webb Pitts, Rich Roche, Dan Sylvester, Tricia Turczynski, Nick Van Houten, Wadler Data Systems, Vernon Willet, Lee Wochner, CounterIntuity

Very Special Thanks to:

Patricia Cullen, Rich Lippman,, A. Jeffrey Schoenberg, Ricky Vodka and especially


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