The Morni Strad
Mariette Hartley and David Nevel

“Mariette Hartley shines in The Morini Strad…David Nevell provides staunch counterpoint for the transcendent Hartley, whose fine-tuned portrayal of Erica is one for the record books.”

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CRITIC’S SCORE: A+  “Mariette Hartley creates a breathtakingly multifaceted eccentric…an extraordinary performance! …David Nevell is the ideal foil for Hartley…The appearance of incredibly gifted 14-year-old violinist Geneva Lewis, who appears as the vision of Morini herself in moments from times past, inspires hope for the future of the arts. How wonderful that the overlooked Erica Morini has finally received the attention she deserves.”

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“The Colony does this kind of play really well…The Morini Strad certainly provides a strong case for the argument that the Colony is an essential part of the cultural landscape of Burbank in particular and LA theater in general.”

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“An absolute must-see…Mariette Hartley gives the performance of her career…Stephanie Vlahos’s brilliant direction makes the ninety minutes seem too short – you’re tempted to yell ‘Encore!’…Recommended to everyone, but if you happen to be a music lover also, you should get your tickets before you even finish reading this.”

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