EL Grande CIRCUS de Coca-Cola
Based on El Grande de Coca-Cola by Ron House, Diz White, Alan Shearman and John Neville-Andrews
A Skylight Theatre Company and Flying Cucumber Production

Written by Ron House
Directed by Alan Shearman
Featuring Aaron Miller, Lila Dupree, Marcelo Tubert, Olivia C. Delgado & Paul Baird 

El Grande Circus de Coca Cola

Meet Pepe Hernandez, over-ambitious patriarch of the world’s most dubious family of entertainers, whose unflagging confidence cobbled from decades spent touring the bottom-rung nightclub circuit south-of-the-border, has inspired him to ascend into big-top territory and head north to…Burbank, legendary home of Walt Disney, IKEA, and now Pepe Hernandez! Nothing – not even the labyrinthine layout of IKEA - will hinder this fearless, feckless familia in their determined quest for international stardom. Welcome to El Grande CIRCUS de Coca-Cola!

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November 7 - December 13, 2015

Press Release   Playbill
Hard to top the big laughs served here!
- LA Times  review  CRITIC'S PICK!

Hilarious, uproarious and brilliantly executed.
The ensemble has a mastery of precision, keeping you on the edge of your seat all night- unless you’ve already fallen off from laughter!
- StageRaw  review RECOMMENDED!

Funniest show you’re likely to see in todo el año de 2015. Such grande fun—and you don’t have to speak a word of Spanish to enjoy every minuto.- StageSceneLA review WOW!

Truly sidesplitting stuff! World-class clowns able to make the rest of the world around us disappear.
- ArtsInLA  review

An unqualified hit! Funny Sexy Silly
- StageHappenings  review

Simply stunning!
- BroadwayWorld  review

A rollicking good time. Be prepared to enjoy a laugh a minute - SplashMagazine review

Wonderful! An absolute must see for everyone who loves to laugh!
- OnStageLosAngeles  review

El Grande CIRCUS de Coca-Cola running time is approximately 85 minutes. There will be no intermission

El Grande CIRCUS de Coca-Cola

El Grande Circus de Coca Cola