Carol Wolf 

Carol Wolf (Playwright, The Thousandth Night) has written The Terrible Experiment of Jonathan Fish, Jacalyn, Walking on Bones, A Burglar in the House, Eddie and Molly's Garden, Dr. Rowan, the Angel, and Love, and Daughter of France, a miscellany of which have won awards including (alphabetically) a Cabbie, three Gertrude Hung Chang Playwriting Awards, a London Fringe First, a Susan Smith Blackburn playwriting award nomination, and a Starr Award. 

She recently completed production with Paw Print Studios of The Valley of Fear, a horror comedy feature film, and is in post production with the drama feature film, Coyote Spirit, both of which she wrote and directed. Letters to my Grandchildren, a documentary, is scheduled to be completed this year. 

Caorl teaches playwriting online at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, where 20% of her beginning students and nearly all of her advanced students win prizes, awards, publication and/or production of their work after taking her class (as she often repeats), and where she is beta testing her playwriting manual, The MERCILESS Manual of Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Playwriting.

June, 2007