Michael David Wadler

Michael David Wadler

Michael David Wadler, a founding member of The Colony Theatre Company, is Literary Manager, Secretary of the Board of Trustees, member of the Artistic Advisory Board, and was technical consultant on the design of The Colony's 276-seat theatre in Burbank.

As a director, he staged the Colony productions of Incorruptible, Lost in Yonkers, The World of Ray Bradbury, To Culebra, To Forgive, Divine, On the Verge, Holy Ghosts (Drama-Logue Award), Talk Radio, A Day Out of Time, and Lenny (Drama-Logue Award). He also restaged the revival of The Martian Chronicles (3 LaWee Awards), as well as directing or co-directing The Odd Couple (Female Version), The Only Game in Town, Private Lives, Two Marriages, God's Favorite, and David’s Mother. Outside The Colony, he directed An Evening on Mars with Ray Bradbury at the Pasadena Playhouse, with an all-star cast, and Enter Laughing at the Cast Theatre, starring John Larroquette.

As a stage manager, he called the first three "Bradbury shows" (The Martian Chronicles, Fahrenheit 451, and Dandelion Wine), and the award-winning Grapes of Wrath. In addition, Michael has stage-managed for The Bethune Ballet Company.

As a designer, he created the video projections and co-created the set for On the Verge (Drama-Logue Award), the lighting for Lenny, the sound for Peccadillo, The Front Page, Ring Round the Moon, Talk Radio, The Suicide, Lenny, and Waiting for the Parade, as well as the set for Black Comedy and The White Liars and Enter Laughing. His latest design is his wife Jude’s web site, www.HeyJudeArt.com.

As an actor, he appeared as Charley in Death of a Salesman, in featured roles in The Grapes of Wrath, Galileo, Black Comedy, The Grass Harp, and Tarboosh!, and on the television series Law and Order.

As a writer, he contributed the lyrics for The Colony’s Tarboosh!, and has assisted over the years as dramaturge on a number of original productions, including Aftershocks, The World of Ray Bradbury, and Dandelion Wine. Michael is credited with one optioned screenplay, rewrites on four film scripts, and published humor of various sorts, including The Colony Chronicles a history of the first five seasons, which appeared in the Daily Variety Annual. Parody lyrics are his first love, having re-authored numerous songs, including the score to Square, The American Musical Yuppie Hairpiece. His latest work is the full-length play, An Accident of Blood, which is about free speech and celebrity justice in Colonial America.

Michael received his literary and dramatic training at Philadelphia’s Central High (National Merit Scholarship), Drexel University (Creative Writing Award), Temple University (with Paul Randall and Max Wylie), and the Hedgerow Theatre School (with Rose Schulman). He is a member of Actors' Equity Association, the Dramatists Guild, and The Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights.

December, 2005